A list of Askew's accomplishments including age achieved, explanation, proof, scores and explanations listed in chronological order. Some of these are NOT titles, just certificates or evaluations - others are prerequisites achieved to move to the next level.


Kew is currently in training for her IPO 1



Date  - April 24, 2016    Age - 19 months    Club - Wainfleet Working Dog Club   Judge - Andrea Duggan-Jantzen


TestThe dog will be run a total of 20 kilometers (about 12.5 miles) at an average speed of 12 to 15 kilometers per hour (7.7 to 9.5 miles per hour).  Dogs that are tired or dogs with sore feet will be removed from the test. Dogs will be allowed to move about freely during the rest periods but should be on leash.


Comments: Kew displayed perfect temperament at the trial and had no issue with the test itself.



Date - Sept 11, 2016     Age - 23 months     Where: Arnprior     Evaluator - Temperament Test Associates



Test:  The object of the temperament test is to judge the dogs natural responses to each situation. It is OK for the dog to be startled or to show aggression. Each dog is judged separately with consideration being given to the CKC's temperament for that particular breed. Any dog over 12 months of age can enter. Each dog must be taken through the course on lead. The handler is permitted to encourage the dogs but can not use obedience commands.


Comments: Kew had no issues with any of the tests



Date of Trial - October 29th, 2016     Age - 24 months     Club - Wainfleet Working Dog Club     Judge - Jim Chrisp


TestThe BH is comprised of 2 sections - Temperament / Traffic & Obedience. The BH is pass or fail (70% minimum) - no score is given. Obedience exercises include; heel on lead, group, heel off lead, sit & down out of motion and down under distraction. The temperament / traffic portion involves reaction to cars, bicycles, joggers, other dogs, crowding & noises. Minimum age for the BH is 15 months.


Comments: Kew passed the obedience portion of the BH and had no issues with the temperament testing.


IPO 1 (2nd Place)

Date: October 29th, 2017     Age - 3 years     Club - Wainfleet WDC     Judge - Johannes Eiltier    Score: 93-90-91=274


TestTracking of a 300 pace track at 10 meters with 2 corners & 2 articles. Obedience includes heel off leash, group, sit and down in motion, retrieve on the flat, retrieve over the 1 meter jump, retrieve over the 6 foot wall (a-frame), send-out and down under distraction. Protection; searching 2 blinds, bark and hold, escape, out & re-attack, courage test and escort.


Comments: Kew was in standing heat for the trial but performed all the components very well with a second place IPO 1 finish.  Video


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